Knit & Craft Group


Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm at St Peter's Church Hall, York Ave, Jarrow. NE32 5LP

We are a group of crafters interested in all crafts and get together to enjoy each other's company and fellowship.

If you are not particularly interested in crafts but would like a little company then please come along and chat, you are most welcome.

Please note we ask for a small donation for Coffee, tea and a biscuit. 


ANGELS!     This year we made 1080. A huge Thank You to everyone who has knitted, and distributed the angels this year.  The morning after the angels were distributed we had a fantastic email of thanks saying “I shall treasure my angel for ever!”  We have also had an article in the Shields Gazette regarding a little girl who found an angel and her mother wrote to the paper.  Great publicity.

Blankets for the elderly  - 24,   for new mums - 25

Mission to seafarers.     Hats - 20,   gloves - 8

African baby clothes appeal.      Jumpers - 26,   booties - 42,   blankets - 6,   toys - 6,  hats - 30

Christening booties & boxes - 45

Prayer beads - 10

Poppies - 24


Angels   This year we made 1,000 angels.  theres was a great response on social media, mainly Facebook 'Jarrow Memories'

Innocent Smoothies.  In 2018 450 hats have been knitted and sent off to Innocent to raise money for Age Concern.  Well done - £112.50 was raised by this Parish.  Thank you all knitters.

RVI premature babies.   80 hats have been knit in 2018 for premature babies born at the RVI.

Mission to Seafarers    We made 30 hats

African Baby clothes appeal  We made 40 jumpers


Angels.  In 2017 we knit almost 800 angels as gifts for the local community.  They all had little gift tags which gave details of a service in church. and were distributed around the Parish.

Fish and Chip baby cloths. There are babies born in the third world that are wrapped in newspapers as they have no clothes to wear. We have started to knit clothes for them. Patters available if you can help.


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