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Bede's Way

Walk or cycle Bede’s Way and enjoy a great day out following the footsteps of seventh century pilgrims. Bede’s Way has been devised to link the twin Anglo-Saxon monastery of St Peter’s in Wearmouth and St Paul’s in Jarrow.

Today the route follows a safe and enjoyable path through the Great North Forest, over twelve miles of rich landscape, delightful seascape, rolling hills and meandering streams.

Guide leaflets to both the walk and cycle routes are available at either church, or can be downloaded from the links below, and can be used to start the route at either St Peter’s or St Paul’s. They feature maps of the whole Bede’s Way path or Bede's Cycle Way route, and detailed directions are accompanied by easy to read maps.

For a shorter walk why not follow one or more of the six easily manageable sections? Public transport connections are detailed along the route so you can stop off or join the route as you wish.


Bede's Way Guide Leafet

Bede's Cycle Way Guide Leaflet

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